Feed The Skin You Are In

Our skin is our largest organ. Say whaaaat? Yes, now ya know, you’re welcome. It needs food, water and love.

Let me introduce you to what I believe is THE easiest skincare regimen available. It’s organic, free of toxins, made with ingredients you can literally EAT and it’s made right here in my city.

I am stoked to have found this line as I have been making my own skincare products using organic essential oils, witch hazel, etc.  However I always seem to make a huge mess and can NEVER remember my recipe.  Thanks to creator and owner Natalie at Be Well Company. She has done all the dedicated research and hard work, producing an easy to use skin care line perfect for everyone. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step One

Yes, cleansing oil. Sounds weird, but just do it. You will be amazed. 2-3 little pumps in your hand, massage over your face. Then take a warm wash cloth, lay it over your face for about a minute. Then wipe away the oil clean. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Step Two

Three pumps, eyes closed, over your face. I’m not lieing when I say the beautiful aroma will make you feel like you’re in Morocco or a magical oasis somewhere far away. When your skin is almost dry, finish up with the last step.

Step Three

A little dab will do ya. Use your fingertips and rub this dreamy cream over your whole face. Bam, it’s done. Your skin is screaming, thank you, you feel and look radiant with a natural glow.

I am already feeling the difference on day three. With my homemade regimen, my skin would feel dry by late afternoon. With Be Well, my skin is holding moisture but does not feel greasy. I did use the Jasmine probiotic spray toner twice. It smells and feels so refreshing I can’t help it!

We are traveling out of the country for the holidays and I am so thankful to be carrying these products with me. Natalie has this precious organic tote available with her collection as well. You know this will be in my carry on!


Her “I love My Face kit” is on sale NOW for a limited time.🎅🎁🎄

– eat. pray. love. oil. –