“Polish With Love”

🌿This is their motto at Ella + Mila. I don’t wear polish as I did when I was younger, but every now and then I like a little color on my nails.

🌿It is no secret that nail polish is toxic, I mean it smells up a room when you open a bottle. Nearly impossible to create a totally organic polish (yet), but they are on the right track to safer beauty.

My shade – Paradise Isle

✔They have removed 7 very dangerous chemicals from their recipe:

Toluene is a liquid that is used as a solvent and has the familiar smell of paint thinner. You can be exposed to toluene by breathing it in or getting it on your skin, causing skin irritation. Unfortunately, inhaling high levels of toluene is said to be harmful to your nervous system and can cause light-headedness and nausea. Toluene is a toxin that may also cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who have had extended exposure.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) is a commonly used plasticizer and has been linked to cancer. DBP has also been connected to birth defects in studies involving lab animals. In fact, this toxin was added to the California Proposition 65 list of suspected teratogens, which are agents that cause malformations of an embryo.

Formaldehyde is a commonly used chemical to preserve and embalm dead animals (and humans). Its vapors are also irritating and can trigger asthma. Formaldehyde is also a known human carcinogen, a factor directly involved in causing cancer.

Formaldehyde Resin is a derivative of Formaldehyde, mainly used in the production of coatings and adhesives. It is not as toxic as Formaldehyde but can be an allergen.

Camphor is a poison that can cause seizures and disorientation if used in large doses. This chemical acts as a cover on your nails, depriving them of nutrients and causing yellow staining on your nails.

Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) is a chemical used in plastics to improve flexibility and as a flame retardant. A handful of animal studies and in vitro studies have suggested that it could be anendocrine disrupter which affects your hormones – in particular, it could potentially affect reproductive health and lipid metabolism(that’s where the “nail polish makes you fat” headline comes from).

Xylene is irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. It can cause systemic toxicity by ingestion or inhalation. The most common route of exposure is via inhalation. Symptoms of xylene poisoning include CNS effects (headache, dizziness, ataxia, drowsiness, excitement, tremor, and coma), ventricular arrythmias, acute pulmonary edema, respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting, and reversible hepatic impairment.

🌿So, IF you are looking for an alternative to the usual department store nail color, I encourage you to go with this brand. I am super pleased with the color and application. It’s a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. I will always spend a wee bit more for mindful products. And cruelty free too! 🐇

🌿Available now at Target or you can order online. Love their IG feed – give them a follow to see all the pretty, bold colors!

🌿There IS another brand I am trying (order on the way) – Scotch Naturals and their kids line Hopscotch. This brand is free of the chemicals listed above. SUBSCRIBE to get my follow up blog.

eat. pray. love. oil.


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