Why Vegan?

🌿If I think back, I can remember hearing about vegetarians during my adolescence. My interpretation, because I was uninformed, saw ‘these persons’ as hippies who dressed weird with long dreaded hair, smoking weed. Oh and they smelled of patchouli. Yeah, weird right? It happens when you’re clueless and a bit ignorant. What food they ate never even crossed my mind.

🌿Being born in the south I grew up eating unhealthy (by my standards) and eating meat. It was a staple at every meal. Processed, unprocessed, hunted. It wasn’t my favorite. I would have much rather eat an entire bowl of mashed potatoes with a side of rolls, then dessert.

🌿I have always been an animal lover with a soft spot for anything fury and cuddly on four legs. Knowing people hunt and kill animals has always weirded me out and made me sad. I try and not judge those who do, but it doesn’t register in my brain. I don’t see it as a sport. As a young adult, it was senseless to me since I knew logically, we could drive to the grocery and buy it.

🌿As a young adult, I went through a severe health scare of my own and three immediate family members were diagnosed with cancer. I needed answers. Answers or solutions to live a healthier, disease free life. I did not want my children or husband to see me sick and suffering.

🌿Ten years ago after my third daughter was born, I truly started making changes. I read, researched and began making healthier food choices. I also picked up the game of tennis for exercise with not a sporty bone in my body. Then came my awareness of organic foods and reading food labels. KNOWING what ingredients I was putting in my body and where they came from.

🌿Fast forward to 2017. Up till then my body changed on the outside as well as on the inside. Many of my ailments I had diminished and some even disappeared. Still I felt I could do more. I was really struggling this summer with the pain from fibromyalgia (brought on by GBS in ’97). So much so, I physically didn’t feel like doing a thing. It was terribly painful to sit, lay down and walk around. Couldn’t sleep. I knew depression was setting in. After really digging more into how food can heal or harm, I kept coming across the same statistics. Meat and dairy can cause inflammation as well as other negative health issues. (another blog on that later) With the okay from my physician who is a vegetarian I went cold turkey (npi) and immediately cut out ALL dairy, ALL meat. If you have even been in excruciating pain, you’ll try anything. Within a week, I could not believe the difference in my level of pain. It went from a 9 to a 4. Incredible to say the least. More confirmation for me that food CAN help the body heal.

🌿On a side note, I want to be upfront and honest. Even though I am against big pharma and pill popping for every symptom, I understand that there are those who need medicine and some need it to live. I myself had to come to terms with taking a small dose to help with a heart murmur and fibro issues.

🌿Becoming Vegan for me started out as a way to help my body heal on its on with a plantbased diet. But living a vegan lifestyle is much more than just the food. It’s a philosophy for me. There is no need in my opinion to harm animals for food, clothing or in any other way. I don’t agree with humane killing. Killing is killing period. You are taking the life of another being. From an environmental aspect, raising livestock for food is impacting the earth and not in a positive way.

– Eating meat fuels emission of greenhouse gases and turns much of the world’s grain supplies into livestock feed.

Choosing plant-based diets can promote environmental sustainability.

Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most powerful choices an individual can make in reducing environmental depletion of Earth’s natural resources.

It requires overcoming our habits and our tastes, learning new ways to cook, planning meals during travel, and navigating the social aspects of eating and meal.

🌿It’s not complicated really. I choose to be vegan for my health, environmental and ethical reasons. I’m not here to judge others. But I will continue to share. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out or leave a comment or feedback below.

– Eat. Pray. Love. Oil. –


  1. Great article. I became a vegan two years ago and won’t go back, ever. Lots of positive body changes for sure, but the impact on the environment and animals is what sealed the deal. It’s a great happy lifestyle and if you travel a lot like me, it is still possible! Last tip; this lifestyle it prevents you from over-eating and mindless eating! Most of my food I prep and cook myself and for a snack, my options are nuts or fruit. That is it. Eat with the seasons.

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