Fight The Flu With Fruit

The Elderberry fruit to be exact. Elderberries are the fruit of the flowering plant known as Sambucus. We commonly know it as Elderflower.

This unique American fruit was used by Native Americans. They used the whole plant including the branches for tools such as arrow shafts and the dark, ripe berries for healing properties.

– According to Dr. Mercola, “antiviral components of the elderberry fruit extract were tested and found to effectively inhibit Human Influenza A in vitro, possibly by blocking the ability of the virus to infect host cells.”

– A report by the US National Library of Medicine, “elderberry flavonoids bind to and prevent H1N1 infection in vitro, Oct 2012.”

So why does the CDC and healthcare providers push for the Flu vaccine? I honestly don’t know. In my opinion it’s like playing Russian Roulette. You may get the flu virus and you may not. “Over the last 10 winters, the overall flu vaccine effectiveness has averaged about 46 percent” (U.S. News)

In 1997, I developed Guillain Barré Syndrome from the flu vaccine. A scary life altering experience both mentally and physically. Facts show, the flu shot carries risks and injuries to children and adults. I unfortunately became one of those statistics.

In a nutshell, I encourage you to have confidence in your intuition, and know it’s okay to question what you have “always done” and what you think is ” the only option.” I am not a physician and I am not telling you to stop getting the flu shot. What I am suggesting is to do your OWN research and get educated on alternative health regimens.

If you are in the Mt. Pleasant/Charleston area, I recommend Island Kombucha for Elderberry syrup. She offers convenient porch pickup only. Thank you Sara

For my Myrtle Beach area peeps, Purely Herban LLC is your go-to. Their Etsy shop is filled with healthy goods.


Always, Eat. Pray. Love. Oil

☮ Britt

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