The proof is in the pudding – Purposeful parenting

As parents we all hope and pray we’re “doing it right.” Right? And there’s no manual on how to be the perfect parent. We learn by example and the tips from our own parents, maybe, as well as fellow parents and heck maybe even a self-help book or two.
I brought this subject up because many times I question myself. Even though I can agree I’m a pretty darn good mama, we all feel like we fall short at times. But when I stop focusing on myself and my woes and take a minute to look at my kids….the proof is in the pudding.

My adult daughters; 22 and 24 are starting to make healthier choices concerning food and in their wellness journey. No thanks to me back in the day when I fed them Happy Meals out of convenience and Hamburger Helper was a staple. Liquid Tylenol was the go to cure all…..lord forgive me girls. It was all I knew. Of course I fixed homemade meals every now and then, but the ingredients were far from healthy.

Speed up to now where my whole lifestyle with food and personal environment has drastically changed. My 9 year old knows nothing but organic, non toxic and essential oils. Doesn’t mean we don’t splurge and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t resist it….In the grand scheme of it all, when I see my three children making their OWN healthy choices without my direct influence, my heart is overjoyed. It’s validation that YES they are listening, even if the eyes roll and we get a big sigh.

Know with conviction, you are an influence on others. Be it good or bad. Your children, your spouse, your peers and maybe even more importantly complete strangers. If you have been on the fence about trying Young Living oils…I was there. I made the leap of faith and have never looked back. Let’s start YOU wellness journey. Our community is ready to walk with you along the way.

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