Ditch the synthetic home fragrances and enjoy the holidays healthy and happy


If you are like me , when the holidays hit, it is the time to crank up those warm, cozy and seasonal smells. Oh I love this time of year! What I don’t love is the downside to the candles, plug-ins and room sprays and their high levels of toxicity. All the chemicals and synthetic components concocted to create ‘Spiced Pumpkin, Caramel Apple Cake, Harvest, and Christmas Cookie (Yankee Candle) are literally causing harm to our bodies.

Synthetic Fragrance which is labeled on your products as ‘Fragrance” can contain hundreds of chemicals not required by the FDA to be listed on the label. Nice! These chemicals are linked to causing lower IQ, CANCER, migraines, allergies, autism, seizures, hormonal issues…..you get the picture. So whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are so many STILL using these items? Because we don’t know any better.

When you know better, you will do better and it will become a lifestyle. This is why I am so in love with and passionate in sharing my Young Living essential oils and products. Essential Oils are fragrant oils found naturally in flowers, herbs, spices and leaves. The oil is extracted directly from the plant source capturing the true essence AND healing benefits. Not only are the scents real, so is the source. Bam! Since ditching toxic scents and parfumes, I unable to walk into a candle store or even through the cosmetic areas in the mall without getting a severe headache, TRUE STORY!

So ya think OILS are overwhelming? They are totally not. Change can be, but this is where I come in to walk beside you in taking baby steps to ‘clean up your act.’ Take you first tiny step at the end of 2016, and ditch the candles and any other ‘air freshners’ you have around your home. Start with a few oils and a diffuser (I’ll suggest my favs)

Invest in wellness – invest in YOU! Here are the culprits. Start with eliminating ONE, then the rest will follow. (baby steps)




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