Reflecting Matters 

As I sit here in my jams, wrapped in my cozy blanket scrolling through social media, I hear the sheets of rain and the roar of the winds outside. Hurricane Matthew is fiercely arriving in Charleston SC.

I look up at the TV because of course the Weather Channel has been stuck on the tube for three days now. I quickly read the small scrolling print “800 dead in Haiti, death toll rising.”  Immediate sick to my stomach feeling. Scenarios and images in my mind of children and families torn apart by mother nature. Something we, those fortunate to have shelter, take for granted. Why them and not me and my loved ones? Perhaps one day I will have these answers.

For now, what I do know is this. Our existence is undeniably short and terribly precious. Everything we do and every decision we make matters and affects those around us. I will be the first to admit I have wasted many moments, even years of my adult life stuck in a rut, questioning God, questioning my parenting skills, feeling sorry for myself and even sometimes just being lazy. There comes a time in our lives when we have to dig deep and pull out the BEST in ourselves and keep it there. No more excuses, no more what ifs.

Share you passions! Whatever it is. Make a positive difference in the life of another by doing what you love! Don’t wait on the approval of others, because one day your time will be up. I’ll end with this little quote I recently started using to encourage myself daily…..I challenge you to use it or come up with one of your own.

“Today I will focus on my purpose and my why.”

– goodnight –

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