Keep Calm and ‘Eat Bread’

YES you can! So, I received a few questions and feedback over my Facebook ‘breakfast post” yesterday so let me share with those who may have missed it.

Ezekiel Bread 4:9; the cinnamon raisin is my personal preference for morning toast…with almond butter or (grass fed) butter. In my case vegan spread. YUM

If you have Celiac or are wheat sensitive, then this bread is probably not for you since it does still contain wheat. But it is a great alternative if you are trying to cut back on your gluten intake.

The difference with this bread is that it is made from sprouted grains. What does this mean? Grains ‘sprout’ when soaked in water and their little green sprout grows. You probably remember this in school as germination. This process helps increases the nutrient value of the grains and makes vitamins and minerals, which you don’t normally get from regular whole wheat bread, more readily available, like Vitamin C and B.

Ezekiel bread is made with no flour and contains a mix of grains and legumes, organic wheat, millet, spelt, barely, soybeans and lentils (all sprouted) THIS MEANS you are getting a complete source of protein and all nine amino acids. Score!

One slice has 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and only 80 calories. Another plus is that it contains NO ADDED SUGAR!
Remember folks, this slice of bread is still a carb, so don’t over indulge because it does add up. But if you are looking for a BETTER alternative to the traditional bread we grew up with, in my opinion, this is the BEST! And man does it taste good.

At the moment I am digging the cinnamon raisin, but there are many flavors to pick from; you can check them out here – They also carry English muffins and wraps.

The cost is higher than your typical loaf of bread, a little over $4 a loaf. I find the best prices are at Food Lion. Kroger and I think Walmart may carry it now. I can’t stomach Walmart, so have at it.

“Happiness is warm bread from the toaster”





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