Blogging by the seat of my organic pants!

Taaa daaaaah! My very first blog post on my new site. I am excited and a wee bit nervous. Will anyone read and follow? Does anyone care what I have to say? I’m no hot shot celebrity and I don’t have bank to buy followers. I guess at almost forty-five years old, “ain’t nobody got time to worry ’bout that.” Get the thoughts out and hope you can inspire a few folks in the process. Making a difference and changing a life is what matters to me.

With the encouragement of my middle ‘all grown up’ child, I decided to share my passion for health and wellness with those willing to drink it up. Over the past five years my life has changed dramatically. I came to the realization that the quality of life outweighs the quantity of life. Think about that for a second. Would you rather live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life or a life riddled with sickness and doctor visits with ailment after ailment? We have the resources to live our BEST LIFE. It’s simple and doable. I’ll be sharing mine with you.

The human body is THE most amazing machine. A powerful self-healing organism. Yes people! We humans have been programmed, at least in this country, to think that popping a pill or injecting ourselves with chemicals is the cure-all. I am no doctor, but I am a firm believer that eating proper organic nutrition, getting moderate exercise, eliminating toxic products and having overall good mental health, are all we need. A smidgen of LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT doesn’t hurt either.doesn’t hurt either.

With my blog, I promise to be as transparent as possible; sharing the good, the bad and the ugly! I welcome feedback and suggestions, so give it to me.

– Britt –

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