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The words natural, green and organic are pretty popular these days. We see them listed on many food and personal care product labels. The definition of natural means; existing or caused by nature, not by man. Simple enough.

So then what is natural/green living? I believe it’s a lifestyle focused on using as many products and materials from nature and the earth. Reducing our toxic load in food and personal care products as well as looking for natural alternatives to conventional medicines when possible.

It is not an overnight transition. In fact, I am still transitioning and my journey started almost ten years ago. I wanted to start blogging, not because I am a great writer, far from it, but I truly hope sharing my knowledge and experiences will inspire others to make healthy changes. We are all striving to better ourselves on this journey. It helps when you have a like-minded tribe offering support and encouragement.

Nice to meet you


I am a vegan, minimalist, boho living, nontoxic/organic, animal loving advocate. It’s simple. My goal is to share my personal experiences, beliefs and passions while hopefully enlightening others on becoming their best selves through food, meditation, and compassion living a NATURAL healthy lifestyle. Wifey to my bestie, mama of three amazing strong girls, one fur ball and a grand baby arriving September 2018.

Best job on the planet is being a mama to my kiddos.

“CHILDREN are not things to be moulded, but PEOPLE to be unfolded”

– Katelynn Grace –

– Taylor Faith –

– Mia Jolie –